Monday, October 26, 2009

The Curtain Comes Down

On Saturday I scooped the lung I was (and still am) hacking up and dragged myself to the high school to dress and bun hair of the color guard girls in preparation for the band's final competition of the season--Greater St. Louis Marching Band Festival.

While the kids have been "Running Out of Time" all season...I am glad the clock flags have struck midnight, I need a break from the constant go-go-go of weekend obligation. Don't get me wrong I love all the fun band season brings to our lives; it's just waking at 530am and driving to school at 610am is something the end of band season gladly vanishes from my schedule. I welcome its absence with open arms!

So I say good bye skip-its
and tick tocks with your difficult black spray paint. Tootle-a-loo grey suit and white flag with your red check mark Screeeeech!

There is no good-bye to band just yet we have a football game Friday night...THE football GAME of the season. The game that decides if the undefeated Lindbergh Flyers will be the District Champions. The game that determines if the clock flags keep spinning and the tick tocks keep on tocking during half time. Which means me and the wash machine will need to start churning those grey suit pants clean and pressed.

Maybe a great football game will help the kids forget they got fourth place at GSL. It was no doubt one of the band's best performances of what proved to be a rather difficult marching season.

Better make sure the blankets are still in the car and the gloves are in the pocket of my Nanook.

See you in the stands!


Lin said...

NOOOOOOO! Can we not watch from the stands or just read the scores in the morning paper??? Why, oh, why does football season have to continue past marching season??? I only ask these questions because we, too, have moved into playoffs. I'm just plain tired of the cold even though I can never grow tired of the band and color guard. Good luck???

JODI said...

Lin, better yet here they live cast the games on the web. Imagine watching in your PJs wrapped in a blanket lying on the couch sipping cocktails. Crazy thing is they broadcast commercials over the marching bands performance.'s the first time in Flyer history to have a team undefeated. Kinda makes one feel obligated to support.

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