Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dear Dominic

Warning: The following post is Rated PG-13 when you play the video

Dear Dominic-
Today on the way home from work I decided to preview the CD you made for M. What a delight it was to know that you want to share and enhance my daughter's musical repertoire--because the great musical artist of the 70's and 80's I have enhanced her musical pallet with just aren't enough.

Oh dear Dominic, dear marching band friend, I wish you could have seen my face as song number one played filling the space inside my little blue Toyota. Was it my dropped jaw? My one squint eye? Was it the grimace that my mouth formed? Maybe it was the horrified laugh that over came me...actually it was every one of those looks that breezed across my face.

And, my grandmother thought Madonna's Like a Virgin was harsh.

I'm not sure who should be thanking you Dominic, me or M? To think I have about twenty more songs to go before I become a card carrying member of your "hip" music loving generation...God help, no save, me.

If ever there was a time for Puff the Magic Dragon, it might be now-- for me!

Musically (Aghast) Enriched,
Momma Avery


thehappyhunt said...

I don't see the video that you say you posted. ?? sounds like it won't be pretty, though. yikes

JODI said...

Lisa, I see the video. Try signing again.

thehappyhunt said...

OMG! I just now saw the video. Double Yikes! What did you say to M?

JODI said...

I think I said AAAAAAHHHHHH! Turn that off!! Then I said that I previewed the rest of the songs on my way to and from work and until song 14 when Michael Buble started to sing to me I thought I would die. Don't be surprised what your kids and the friends listen too. Music of today is...interesting, to say the least.

Lin said...

At least there was some humor involved--it makes it a bit more palatable that way. Gees, is every hip hop song about sex or is it me? I sound like my Grandpa. Yikes.

JODI said...

Lin, hell ya it is all about sex-- and booze. Yesterday I asked M if she realized the reference being made in a different song and to tell me what it meant. She said she knew but wasn't telling me. So I said if you can't tell me then we can't listen to it. She blurted out "blow job" which I turned my head to D and said "you know what that is" and she screams back "Yesssss mom I do". I think we changed the song then. hehehehe (I have my own magic trick to listen to better music, that's it.)

Abba is looking better now isn't it, Lin?

Lin said...

Jodi--email me so I can give you the story from out trip. I couldn't find your email--mine is in my profile. You won't believe it. Well, maybe you will.