Saturday, June 20, 2009

You Are Going to Have to Do Better Than This

This weekend DirecTV has given dad's across the country a gift--all the premium movies channels for free.

Now I have one do you entice father's to want to splurge by adding a movie channel,or two, to their existing satellite plan when-- the movies offered for preview where box office hits in the 1980s and the 1990s? Not to mention they play, commercial interrupted, on TNT and AMC. (Smart ones, like me, would TIVO the movie and fast forward past all those commercials making it a commercial free viewing on a package channel.)

I mean really people, come on, entice me with a mass of just released to DVD selections. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is not going to get me...great hilarious movie but not a grabber. Neither is Pretty Woman. Bratz isn't going to grab dad's wallet either; it's more of a deal breaker.

Just my personal observation. However, if you're a dad stretched out in your Lazy Boy taking the day off tomorrow, good for you...enjoy a movie.

For us, we're turning off the TV and sticking the dad of our house on a raft in a pool, beer in hand, smelling the waft of BBQ being grilled by the ladies of his life--sisters, wife, daughters,niece...

Happy Father's Day all you dads.


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Jodi--I wanted to email you but can't find your email. if you email me at, would love to chat more about YS and get your hike/visit suggestions!

We are flying to Utah, then driving, and I think at the end of our trip we're staying in Jackson Hole for two nights--doing a water rapid thing there. We're doing a YS horseback/dinner one night. Can't remember what else, but I will trade you your BEACH vacation for my YELLOWSTONE vacation ... hahahah. We'll see, I might fall in love, but I'm not feeling it yet!

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