Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Coo-yôn on the Beach

Aaaahhhh the sand and the sun...and the entertainment-- of a group of college aged kids on a family beach acting like they are on spring break in Daytona. Yep, they were there acting like idiots for all to watch while I wondered if we would be scraping one of them off the bottom of Gulf by five o'clock. Entertainment. Girls not fit for teeinie-weenie bikinis but wearing them anyway. Girl in fabulous raft drinking a pitcher of spiked punch while floating on fabulous raft (first pitcher red juice, the second yellow juice). Boy walking in Gulf with mini boom box on shoulder; certainly having consumed some high octane beverage prior to the noon hour, feeling the vibe of an era gone by. Oh beach entertainment you have not failed us.

And then...as the clock struck the 3 o'clock hour and the gang of entertainment began to thin out boom box boy made a smooth move over towards myself, M and Princess A... "do you mind if I sit here and talk to you all for a while my buddy is on the phone with his girl friend and...?" What do you say, no? Of course bikini clad Princess A, the obvious target for his desire "to talk", nicely said (as I taught her to be) "ya that's fine." Then the slight pick up lines dropped trickled out right in front of mama. There was the usual small talk of where do you go to school and where are you all from...but when I walked back to our canopy to giggle with King Ralph, who keep his intimidating position from a distance did boom box boy dare to ask my princess if she had a boy friend...to which she replied "yes" and he replied back something in the manner of, cause I don't want your boyfriend coming up to me saying why are you talking to my girl. Princess A laughed when she later told me and said her guy would have beat him up with his spiked yamaka and his Torah. Oh the Jewish boy--still a story for another blog, soon I promise.

Boom box boy invited the three of us to the party with him and his drunk friends at The Hangout and dance the Stanky Leg. Of course without verbally expressing our no pass we all just nodded and smiled. Boom box boy even told me, yuck, that I would look hotter in an LSU hat. Excuse me I was looking all mom-40ish-swimsuit-cleavage-bearing-tractor-ass-hot in my STL Cardinals hat, thank you. Then he found interest in learning SLT slang words, so we obliged and he tossed a few Louisanna slang words our way. Although today I find his definition of coo-yôn meaning cool not in relation to the French Cajun dictionary's definition meaning, stupid. That is exactly how he and his friends behaved on the beach...they where being coo-yôn.

According to boom box boy he is here for yet one more day of sun. So the entertainment of coo-yôn fun and behavior continues-- for our entertainment pleasure.

This is only one reason why you gotta love the beach!


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