Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She Told Me She Wasn't Going to Work at McDonald's

I wish I could say "good morning", well it is a good morning it's just I am dragging tired. You see Uli, our cute but stupid pooch is terrified of storms. As luck has it a 3am summer storm rolled in and the fact I was being nice by not locking Uli in her cage meant she was spinning in 90mph circles at the foot of my bed and yapping with fear. It is a most comical sight...but not at 3am! This went on for an hour... even from her cage; where I decided she was best to be trapped.

However I have woke early today...one because King Ralph couldn't find his clean uniform pants (which I retrieved for my wardrobe challenged hubby) and two because Princess A started her new job in a most familiar place.

I have been threatening my little princess since the week she took hard to the pavement failing to find a summer job that I was driving her tail to McDonald's to get employment. I explained-- it was either flipping burgers or no sorority life when she returns to college. We pay tuition but not sorority dues so she needed a J-O-B in a bad way.

The week we left for vacation we had our regular visit to the eye doctor. We all love the eye doctor, you almost have to when let the guy constantly cut on your daughters' eyeballs and sew their muscles in different locations. Anyway we are always laughing in doctor's office, ribbing each other and teasing the doc about years of being in his holding tank watching episodes of Veggie Tales to entertain while in the holding pattern. We laughed that M has so many specialist that her middle name is "million dollar co-pay" but that eye doc is our favorite of all her specialist. He then said we are his favorites as well. How sweet is that? His whole staff is so warm and inviting, so truly caring. You aren't just a number-- at least we have never felt that way. He has made a generous donation to the school's marching band for the Rose Bowl Parade trip, he has called as soon as we get home from the hospital to make sure the girls are comfortable, his assistant has shed tears with and for my nervous girl. You learn to trust and they in return care. With two kids with unusual eye concerns we spend a great deal of time hanging around in that office.

Princess A went into her exam room solo for the first time where she had "grown-up" conversation with the doctor. In the conversation was discussion on if she was working this summer, to which she commented she was on the prowl with little success. While were gone on vacation the doctor's assistant called and left Princess A two messages, which included her cell number. Hmmmm what could she want? All I could think of was that they would want Princess A's permission to use her unusual and difficult eye condition/case for a teaching tool. That wasn't it at all. Nope. The doctor wanted to offer Princess A a summer job. Go Figure?!

So this morning Princess A rose before seven, put on a lose and home spun version of the office uniform, I slapped some lunch money in her palm (because that is what moms do), then I crossed my fingers that her first experience in rush hour traffic down Highway 270 would be successful...because the best way to learn rush hour driving technique is to dive head first into the ocean of bumper to bumper traffic.

Then I waited. Waited for her to call me to say she arrived safely. 8:21am she called and I rolled over to drift back to sleep.

Now I wait,wait to hear all about her first day on the job. How she is taking her relationship with the eye doctor's office to a whole new level and learning to perform in a "real" working world with important purpose. How she maneuvered the rush hour drives. What she spent her lunch money on. I'm just really excited that she has this opportunity to grow. I'm thriled she has a J-O-B!


Lin said...

How great! Jobs are scarce this summer, aren't they?? Col never got one and between summer school and band camp starting in 4 weeks, summer is going to fly by. It's good to hear that ONE teen got a job this summer!

JODI said...

Lin- M starts Color Guard next week already. Uhg! She'll say that marks the end of summer.

Lin said...

Emma is doing colorguard too!! She is DYING to start, but we don't go until July.

thehappyhunt said...

Congrats to Alee!! Did she tell you that I stopped in to tell her hello today? She looked adorable and all smiles greeting patients at the front desk!

JODI said...

Lisa- I did hear you made a pop-in visit to Alee...it was the first thing she said when she got home, "guess who came to visit me today?"

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