Friday, June 09, 2017


This happened yesterday at 3:25pm 
While the kids and teachers started summer on May 26, I didn't get my summer hall pass till yesterday. You should know there was smoke coming off my heels and a giant ole' smile smeared across my face as I left the building. It was the second or maybe third hardest school year for me. I was more than happy to bid it farewell! 

Best part of summer is doing chores on my time...not dictated by the hours off work. This morning I woke and cleaned the family room, unloaded the dishwasher, mowed grass, showered, walked to Starbucks, started laundry...all by 10am.

While the towels churn in the washer this how I'm taking my morning break

Summer hall pass how I've missed you! 

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Lin said...

Oh gees, I am so envious. Not of the crappy school year, but that you actually have the summer off of that crap. If I had that, I doubt I'd go back!!

Happy Summer, dear friend! Enjoy for me (and you!)!!