Sunday, February 14, 2016

Call Me Captain Kirk

I navigated the roadways through a winter storm--like Captain Kirk at the reigns of the Enterprise. I watched a car behind me spin out all the way to the other side of the highway.  I passed a car in Springfield crunched, as the woman stood in the road implementing her rescue plan. But me, I was slow and steady. The perfect captain! 

Before the storm I filled my love tank with a quick trip to Chicago, to spend time with this great lady--my 94 year old grandma.
I never ever tell her I'm coming. I never want to get her hopes up, get her all excited, and then something cancels the trip.  Say, like winter weather. I also never want to tell her who's coming along, because I never know what sudden college obligations could road block them from joining. This visit she got great grandchildren number two and five. (There are 17 greats in total.) After a four hour visit, loads of family history stories told to the girls, tons of laughing (the kind that draws out tears) and her first experience with a selfie stick picture..."no I look terrible, like I'm a 103." My Grandma said to us as we kissed and hugged her good-bye, "this was the best Valentine surprise ever!" 

Once I got home I couldn't help but share the love of shoveling with M and D 
The family that shovels together are Valentines for life! Or so I brain washed the kids into thinking. Hehehe

Later this evening my real Valentine will come home from work, I'll throw a pork chop his way and remind him 29 years ago he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. We are romantic like that. 

Happy day of hearts and kisses! 


Lin said...

Awww, your Grandma is beautiful!! And so is your family. :)

Thanks for meeting up with Joe and I--we had such a nice visit with you and the girls. Well, done Jodi and Mr. Jodi--those girls are amazing. What fun it is to meet and visit with them.

It's gonna be 50 degrees here on Friday. I'm not shoveling, but waiting for Friday to melt all of it instead. Or Joe will just go out there and do it.

Glad you got home safe!

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