Monday, March 09, 2015

Shitty To The Third Degree

I basically had a shitty work last week; did 48% of a month's work in four and a half days.  I was losing faith in humanity. Then I began to feel like shit, and why not, because what goes around, comes around. It's been going around!   All my dreams of a Friday night and a well deserved glass of red wine were transformed into just wanting to come home and crawl in my bed and be sick. But noooooo. Instead I came home to this shit

A sewer back up. Uhg!!!!

It was a Friday night of sludge, shit and filthy language. Because when the culprit of the clog revealed itself, King Ralph had some choice words--for the four ladies in his life.  (I leave to figure the cause of the clog.)

Saturday allowed me a fifteen hour nap. It's exactly what I needed! I was able to soak a few rays of sunshine--nature's best medicine. 

By Sunday I was feeling much-much better. The weather was so beautiful. In one weeks time I went from snow boots to sandals 

 As I lay here waiting for the dreaded alarm clock to summon me from the comfort of my bed and back to work...I tell myself I can do this!  The reason. Next week is: spring break. Yippee! 


Lin said...

Oh NO. It's bad enough you had the clog...but then you find what caused it. Ugh.

I hope this is a better week ahead. Colin said the weather was beautiful down there! :) Hooray! Enjoy it for me!

maddi said...

yay! mom blogs again!