Monday, March 16, 2015

Break Week Part One

Before my summer hall pass, comes my spring break pass. There is an unmeasurable amount pleasure in an alarm clock free week in March.  

The break started out with the most amazing weather; it has since taken a nose dive--but looks to be returning to that sun filled sky come Friday. 

Last weekend was spent outside on the deck. We all pulled ourselves inside for two reasons: 
1. Saturday evening at the theater...phenomenal! 
Can I just add that the parking garage attendants did not appreciate our girl quartet rendition of "All That I Am", as we paid to park. Clearly they do not fully understand how to embrace the "little-non-Broadway" folk of our fine (or not so fine these days) city. But we ripped it up! 

2. When the sun went down

Sunday we hung out on the deck with our favorite house guest: our nephew/cousin, the AF pilot. Princess A and D whipped up some homemade roasted garlic humus and fresh salsa. We sipped stouts and grapefruit martinis and played UNO. Then we grilled meats and veggies. We talked the nephew's city living dwelling options vs. the burbs. 

Monday was my quarterly coffee date with a good friend. And yes, coffee lasts no less than four hours. The sun was shining big and bright, so I took to the deck.  That was disturbed by the evidence of a mouse in the house. 

To be continued....


Lin said...

Ohhh, you have break?! I guess that is a sweet perk of your job.

Colin is learning the hard way the reality of city living. It's loud with noise from all-night traffic and late-night bars. And the high cost of living in a cool loft--rent is high, but so are utilities, car insurance and renters insurance. He is going to have to look elsewhere now....but he loved the loft living for awhile.

Is your nephew going to live in St. Louis?

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