Friday, July 04, 2014

Unplugged in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

My iPhone Notes:

I am disconnected! No electric. No wifi. Just the power of the sun, moon and the flashlight. Everyone needs this in their life. Power down, connect with your spouse (or your children if you brought them along...I did not). Slip back to the yesteryears when everything wasn't plugged in.

The rain is falling here in Elkmont Campground in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The only necessary review I need to give for site G23 is: swamp!  The water has run down the hillside covering our outdoor rug into a foot soaker. King Ralph and I haven't secured life flotation devices, but a pair of wellies would have been good.  A large tree branch fell on our truck's hood, leaving a few dents. What can you say when you're at the mercy of Mother Nature--except shit happens! 

We did have a lovely ride here...listened to our audio book: Divergent. When breaking from our book we discussed our daughters' lives, successes, their personal goals and how their generation are the boomerangs. Parenting is a most fantastic ride regardless the drain it sometimes poses.

I made lovely car picnics for breakfast and lunch--homemade chocolate chip pecan banana bread with fresh fruit salad and tuna salad with lettuce, tomato on croissants with reduced fat Cheez-Its (which are my favorite!).

King Ralph naps now. I sip sangria and listen to the rain drops drip off the trees. The rain has stopped and I'm ready for a bike ride. The tenters kind of hate life, but we RV folk are dry.

Tomorrow we will hike. I'm ready to get my exercise on and explore.

Hello vacation. I've been waiting to meet you again!

It has been raining quite a bit during our stay.  We spent the best part of the day in a quest for new propane tank parts...a camper's life line is propane.  A failed system means no cooking,  no hot water....  Once we secured a temporary solution (problems should never happen on a Sunday!) we set out to explore--in the rain. Sigh.

We decided to be "unlike" us and do some touristy sights.  We are off the beat and path people.  Rain changes things.  We followed the pilgrimage of wanna-be-adventurist...because a paved trail while wearing rhinestone flip flops on the way to an over crowded waterfall qualifies one as have taking a hike.  I can say I saw Laurel Falls--not to moved by the experience.

Next we took a 20 miles ride up, up, up the mountain, in blinding rain, to yet another paved trail. Everyone should say they stood stop at Clingmans Dome.  We stood there looking out at the Smokies while ice cold rain and wind was beating us in the face. We reached in our backpacks to find those never-before-used emergency rain ponchos.  They warmed us and kept us dry. Well our clothes, shoes are a different story.  We shared picture capturing moments with a family on the dome-- weather moment in history marked. 
When we got back to our swappy camp site we made dinner and drinks and relaxed.  We slept like bugs in a rug under the cool mountain air.

Adventure continues....


Lin said...

Sounds dreamy! Well...except for the rain and soggy ground part. This is why I am starting to push Joe now for a little camper someday. I want to travel, but a soggy tent still does not appeal to me. We've got to move up one of these days.

JODI said...

I so recommend a is the perfect travel life!!!