Thursday, July 24, 2014

The End Is Nearing

It is a georgous day!  The sky is blue, neary a cloud to be seen. The breezes blow at just the right moments--cooling.  I lounge in my chair on the back deck--letting the sun kiss my skin.  I hold an iced tea with a straw for sipping. I like my tea black, over lots and lots of ice.  Sweet tea churns my stomach. Miss Bell can keep her sweet tea!  And I read--books.

I'm in a reading frenzy right now. I get this way every year a week before my summer hall pass is revoked.  Fearing my time will be stolen or I'll be whipped after a tiring work day.  To me it's like filling up the car when the needle is below the "e" line.  I just wonder how long before my tank is emptied by the evils of tweens and teens wayward behaviors? I wonder. 

Summer hall pass. A week more. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. 

Will the bronze of my skin soon begin to fade?  I am most certain it will. Sigh (some more). 

Will the desire to read till midnight be halted? Most definitely. Sigh (yet even more). 

Will a cocktail poolside in the afternoon, on weekday cease to exist? Afraid so! Sigh (remember to pace out sighs). 

In the meantime I will savor every last bloody moment of the next six days. Because on the seventh day that blessed alarm will blast at 5:30am...feeling more like a twenty-one gun salute at a funeral than a calling to paradise. 

Now if you please...I've got a tan to maintain and a tea to sip. 


Lin said...

Oh, that has gone waaaaay too quickly. :( I shall wish for really slow days in the week ahead--even though I shall be at work and it will be hell.

And why does your tan fade so much quicker than it came on?

JODI said...

Lin - Why does my time have to fly by(e) so fast? Why?! As for the tan...that damn need for our epidermis to shed every thirty days. I suppose we are kinda like retiles. LOL

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