Sunday, January 22, 2012

Teaching Old Dog New Tricks

For the first three years of our marriage I worked full time, one of those years I even worked a second job.  Then for the next seventeen years I stayed home, to raise the girls, to be the perfect step-ford wife.  I loved those years!  As the college years for the girls were creeping forward going back to work seemed like the necessary thing to do.  So I got a part time job. Then the natural evolution was to progress to full-time. This is were we are at, today at least...

Stretched out in his "command central" recliner chair

King Ralph: I need clean underwear.

Keeper: So do I.

KR: I need my new pants ironed, they're all balled up in that bag.

Keeper: I need my shirt ironed.

15 minutes later as King Ralph mulls around in the kitchen

KR: Hey, why don't you make us tuna salad for lunch.

Keeper: I'll do that after I secure you clean undies and a pressed pants. (said in a sassy tone)

Okay so here is the point where I lost a gasket.  Seriously why do men think they are helpless?  If women find they have no more fresh panties in their drawer they do their own laundry. Men. Not a chance. I think they would do a repeat wear of crap stained undies before they attempted to work the washer.  Iron?  What's an iron?  Lunch? Starving is certainly an option.

Then King Ralph says, how 'bout if I throw a needed hair cut in while I am at it.


I think it's time to teach the old dog a few new tricks.


Lin said...

I'm not complaining. Joe is good at this stuff. In fact, he does the grocery shopping and makes dinner every night. He lived alone for some time--I wonder if that had something to do with it? If he needed clean clothes--he had to do his own laundry.

So, is he suggesting that you quit your job and stay home to do all that??? ;)

JODI said...

Lin- My guy lived in another state for five years, without a family member in sight so....

I think I might have confused him when he came home from work once and I was vacuuming in a dress, high heels and with a strand of pearls around my neck.

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