Monday, January 02, 2012


It has happened every year for the last five years since I returned to the working world--reality bites.  As much as I love working, falling back in the habits of stay-at-home are so easy when given two weeks off the job. And then I fall back in love with wearing sweats and no make-up...when I go out in the world hiding under my St. Louis Cardinal ball cap...scouring the internet for new recipes, and then actually creating them.  It is fun to stay up late watching old movies, rising early and then taking a nap mid-day--because I can.  It was fun hanging with friends and mixing up cocktails when finally everyone's schedules mesh.  It is fun to meet up with girlfriends on a weekday for a lunch date that lasts for hours.

But. Reality Bites.

When my holiday vacation began it was unseasonably warm. Today's bitter bite of winter will welcome me into the second semester of school before the sun has a chance to rise.  I am so not ready for chattering teeth and biting wind chill.

 But. Like I said--reality bites. Yep, I just set my alarm for 530am. Hi-ho-hi-ho it's back to work I go.

To that I say--Good Night.


Lin said...

I didn't have two weeks off and it hurts like heck to return to work this morning after a couple of holidays. I've got to take that darn office tree down today, pack up the fireplace for another year, and sweep away the decorations. Yeah, like I didn't have enough of that at home. :( Blech.

I don't wanna goooooo!

JODI said...

Lin- We "un-decked the halls" before we left--one box with still a ton of space held our decorations. The days of elementary and decorating have gone to the wayside.

Also, I was the longggggest work day of my life!

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