Monday, June 20, 2011

Hey Keeper Where Ya Been?

Keeper: Hey Jodi where ya been?

J: Inside a cardboard box!

Keeper: Really, a cardboard box?

J: Well not actually, I am speaking in figurative term. You see since May I have been packing boxes for the move from school.

Keeper: School? Move?

J: Ya, you know the elementary school has closed up shop and is moving to a new location, with a new name. The new school is absolutely bee-u-tee-ful!

Keeper: So you are going to the new school?

J: Nope I am staying at the old homestead, as it transitions back to into a middle school, after twenty plus years. I am taking a new position.

Keeper: Really, how exciting!

J: I am excited. I have been training, lots. Training so much my new books I bought to read this summer are on the shelf collecting dust.

Keeper: Maybe you can read them on vacation?

J: Yes! That sounds like a plan. Reading under a canopy of trees and singing birds.

Keeper: You taking the house on wheels for that vacation?

J: Yep. King Ralph thought for a minute about not doing so, then the girls said to him "Dad, noooooo! being in the camper is what makes us a family."

Keeper: Wow, that is something.

J: I know, it is like when we go in the camper and take squat in the middle of nature so remote that there is no cell service, no lap tops, no TV....  We connect, like the family that we are. We laugh. We play board games. We play cards. We hike and hike and hike. I am about as excited for vacation as I am for my job.

Keeper: Not to change the subject but what about the BWFs?

J: Oh I know, we cried when our placements were announced. It is hard leaving old friends.

Keeper: You can make new friends.

J: I know...make new friends but keep the old.

Keeper: You're getting all old school Girl Scout leader on me there.


J: Hey I don't mean to end our little conversation, but I have to smell cardboard and packing tape again tomorrow morning...and Friday...and at the old homestead, turned new homestead on Monday. A girl needs her rest to lift boxes and ripe packing tape.

Keeper: Night. Hey, don't stay away so long.

J: Ok. I promise!

(If I never smell the scent of fresh cardboard boxes or hear the sound of packing tape ripping I will live happily ever after!)     


ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

You DESERVE a vacation after all this work. Just don't make yourself so tired you crawl into a box for a nap & they haul you away. Glad YOU are back too :) Do you Facebook? Maybe we can keep in touch that way??

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Oh, & if you do FB, email me!!

Lin said...

I think the packing is a good metaphor for that old/new job. Lots of changes coming, but I think it is good. It's good to test those job skills and your ability to change after so long at the old job. But I know you can do it!! Rip off the old tape and open that box 'o stuff that is Jodi!!!

And have fun camping. Funny, my kids asked if we can do that again next year. (We already have a cabin set for this one) I guess they really do like being a family after all. :) Yeah.

JODI said...

Lin- It is a good metaphor. Lucky me got packed in a box and when I pop out I'll be in the same place. Except in an office with fresh paint and a desk that has drawers. :-)