Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Defining the Word: Friend


Study of friends and the power of friendships. The bond shared between two or more people. The understanding of friendship and how it is used in today's society. The worlds understanding of true friendship.

These girls have been pals, some besties, since their middle school years. They study together, they laugh together, they talk extremely loud together-- friends!  They have years before they have to think about separation.  And, when they do, I bet it'll be hard. 

This group of best pals, well, they're a whole different story. They are about to separate. Spread wings. While most of this close knit group is headed to Mizzou together, a few others are the brave souls, ready to branch off on their own for new adventures. Make new friends. Which sounds easy, but is it?  M is one of those brave souls.  M and her bestie (the other beauty clad in yellow) have been "sisters of the heart" for so long I can't see one without the other. They have lived and laughed together...even tested their parents' patience a time or two, together.  Growing up together as friends. 

While I sit outside enjoying the cool summer air (being eaten by mosquitoes) I can't help but think about how I too, like M, have to be that brave soul, leaving behind my school friends to spread my wings. I am totally excited about my new venture at work.  I feel fortunate to get the opportunity.  I spend my evenings building skill and knowledge...still old friends are hard to leave.  Old friends know you, you trust them, they get you, you aren't afraid to ask them questions. You know how to have after work fun together--Christmas karaoke and game night (what happens at game night stays at game night). How to make each other laugh-- at work and after work. The girl friend thing! We've all shed our separation tears, boxed up the old place, unboxed at the new place... I've cleaned the old place with new faces, to make the old feel fresh and new. The old place is my new place.  Still. Somehow, there is a comfort in the "old". Knowing how to finish each others sentences. How to complete a task without having to ask for assistance.  There's a forgotten unfamiliar to starting over.  I guess because the "old" had it: friendology!  

So what do girls do when they are about to embark on new adventures?  They spend as much time as they can with the old friends, so never to forget that feeling of comfortable. The trucks are rolling, walls are coming down and going up, but through all the boxes and all the construction we all know...friends never stop being friends.  

So girls, here's to us all. Here's to our new beginnings and our memories of the days. Here's to always being friends!


Lin said...

True friends will always follow--no matter where you go or where life leads you. Wow--lots of changes going on at your place, eh?

Hey, any trips to Chicago this summer? If so, I'm expecting a call to come visit me in Weirdville.

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Lin is right....dang! If anyone can handle the stress with a laugh or two, it's YOU!

JODI said...

Girls: You're right. I am going to laugh my way through it all. The "old" friends will be laughing right along with me...then we'll get together to share more laughs.

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