Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I'm Screwed

Yesterday when I went to the store for the ceremonial emergency stock-the-house-in-preparation-for-winter-storm all I wanted during this "snowmageddon" was my guilty pleasure: Canada Dry's cranberry ginger ale.  It seems, as I was informed, it is a seasonal pleasure and went out of market on January sixth.  Errrrr! I know, I know create your own.  But there is something yum-yum about a qualified mixologist doing it for me.  That perfect balance of healthy fruit juice and carbonation.     

Then I got this weather report from a friend
I'm totally screwed now.  The truck was covered in ice by 3pm yesterday and now the odds of making it to a liquor store...well it would be much to dangerous to fetch a six pack.  Guess I'll just sit here with my glass of water waiting to see what it feels like to be totally screwed.

Wait a minute here...it's only Tuesday.  I got a few days till I am totally screwed--according to the above weather report getting screwed comes "Fri-Sat". Whoosh I'm saved.

Now I will commence with preparations for making snow cream.  The exact reason never to be without milk when a snowmageddon hits.  That's dessert to my homemade chicken pot pie.       


Oscar Best Picture Viewing Update:
Is of thought that the nominating committee was smoking crack when they chose a few of these flicks

X Black Swan (good but twisted)
X The Fighter (my second favorite, and should be the movie to garner best supporting actress)
X Inception  (hard to follow)
X The Kids Are All Right (I have seen turtles cross a highway at a fastest pace than this movie played)  
X 127 Hours (third favorite)
X The King's Speech (my favorite so far!)
X The Social Network (only on the list because FB is so here and now)
X Toy Story 3 (cute but a story told over and over...did not make me cry and I cry at movies)
__ Winter's Bone
__ True Grit


Lin said...

We don't run out for milk when a storm is coming...we go to the liquor store!! What were you thinking???

JODI said...

Lin- I was thinking they were lying again. Oh ya, they did! Again. All day hype, constant weather reporting instead of regular programming to end with 4 inches of sleet (heavy damn shovel job that was) and then it all moved and settled right over you instead. No 15 inches of snow. SOBs made me believe I could have a bowl of snow cream.

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