Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Calendar Says

The calendar is inked for the next four days with the words "Wizard of Oz".

While these talented, beautiful and handsome teens have the starring roles...

my little D shines as a munchkin
and a poppie, 
 that is going to slumber an Oz seeking quad to sleep.
D has a favorite new color and it's emerald green (or as close to it as one can find in their closest)
When not wearing emerald green she sure can cut the stage doing the jitterbug

As for me, well, I can be found in the ticket booth
taking your green backs in exchange for the best seats in the house.
You better not make things difficult with large bills or I'll send you know who after you

along with her loyal flying monkeys

By Saturday I can almost guarantee
D will be begging her bestie Grace, I mean Glinda
To help her find some ruby slippers to heal click three times
'cause after months of practice

there's no place like home


Lin said...

Oh, how cool!! I love that you are taking tickets. You probably helped build the set and are having the cast party at your place....right? ;)

JODI said...

Lin- Working the box office can be a dangerous job...folks don't like to hear "the show is sold out tonight". I went to the cast party, but stayed upstairs with my friend the host sipping grapefruit martinis.

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

You took some gorgeous pictures!

BTW, I had to draw a flow chart to figure out your friend of Brad Pitt's best friend's ex's wedding's best man story ;) LOL!

Laura said...

Wizard of Oz is my all time favorite movie! Hence the ruby slippers in my wedding pic! Loved seeing the pics. Looks like it was a great play!

JODI said...

Laura- I wanna see those ruby wedding slippers :-)

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