Friday, January 29, 2010

Where Have You Been?

Where have I been?...I know you are wondering.

Maybe I have been here all along but you didn't notice me because
A) I have lost nearly ten pounds
B) colored my hair Nice and Easy 119 (a brown tone)
C)I use invisible ink to blog
D) all of the above

Maybe you are wondering what triggered my sudden blogging this Friday night after the long hiatus
A) a mucho margarita at El Agave
B) a grande margarita at El Agave
C) a adjetivo margarita at El Agave
D) all of the above

Really friends, I think I have had writers block. Believing for myself that my life is so mundane that no one would really care to hear about...the people I have been people watching at the gym while on my quest to be skinny again. Like, man in shorts with a belt. Who in the world comes to the gym wearing pleated pin stripe shorts with a leather belt accessorized with a cell phone holder and some other electronic device holder? Can you really lift weights effectively dressed like that? No one except that creepy man, and when I say creepy I mean only CREEPY can work out dressed like that. One can just tell, no sense with female intuition that a dude in a gym wearing such an outfit barely exercising is bound to be a five o'clock news headline. Then there is tin foil woman. She wears this silver foil like suit to increase her sweating in order to expedite her weight loss. I have been missing her lately so she either is off her regular routine workout schedule or she sweated to death. There is barefoot man. He likes to hit the tread mill shoeless as if he is a Kenyan marathon Olympic hopeful. My all time favorite is the senior citizens--God love'm-- they hit the exercise bikes wearing blue jeans and wool plaid shirts. Not sure if they intended to chop wood and lost there way only ending up in a gym. There's the old woman who comes to work out in her sweat pants, turtle neck and monogrammed sweat shirt. I swear to you I am going to put my Red Cross CPR card to work when she drops from being over heated. My fave is the old dudes who somehow believe they are Jack Lalanne in there tight sweats and tank tops, tucked in. The tattoos flowering there forearms tell the tale of there veteran status.

Sunday I like to do Jesus and workout. Church first then to the gym. Actually this becomes a family affair, all us Avery's jazzed on Jesus pumping iron. I think people find it odd that I have a full face of make-up on at 930am, but I find it odder to see a woman wearing washed out black denim--accessorized with my favorite, a belt-- lifting weights before hitting the elliptical.

So you have been wondering where I have been and what brought me back to the blogosphere? The answers to the questions are: D) all of the above

In the mean time, till I blog again, I think I will watch out the window to see if the weather man is telling the truth. Will snow really fall from the sky here in Saint Louis.


Lin said...

I hate the gym. There are some weird ass folks going there--especially here where the town athletic center is Resthaven II. Oh, gees, what those seniors don't wear/do there. You apparently are finding tons of interesting blog fodder at the gym, Jodie--don't sell yourself short there.

I'm glad you are back. I was worried about you and the Avery gang for a bit.

JODI said...

Lin-today some guy was slinging his head sweat all over me. I was in the tread mill and he was on the bike next to me. Talk about needing a shower when I got home!

these are the days said...
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