Sunday, January 03, 2010

Chore: Untrimming, Say it isn't so

Before we could even get around to undecking the halls there was something we had all been waiting to do...or should I say see.

Up in the Air.

Debbie, my sister-in-law, and Dan, her hubby were in the movie Up in the Air. It was one of King Ralph's official responsibilities to watch over the interviewing process of all the extras for this film--that was partially filmed here in St. Louis--so he got them an in. We had tried to see the movie on our annual family Christmas movie outing but it was sold out all day and night on the 26th. We ended up splitting our group that day-- half saw Avatar half saw Sherlock Holmes. Finally last night we all went and saw Up in the Air. For a millisecond we saw Dan, twice, blurred, on the big screen in the Omaha airport scene. No Debbie. Thanks to Dan's breif moment on the big screen when he gets his star on the Walk of Fame he can have both the radio and the movie emblem on his star. As for the movie...loved it. That George Clooney is so easy on the eyes. The ending was not what I had expected and I liked that for a change. We continued the days fun with food, spirited beverages and games. Seriously, we should have played Tripoly for money instead of just using the chips. I would have owned Vegas.

Today King Ralph, D and I went to church for a most beautiful Epiphany service. While M could not be roosted from her bed and Princess A laid in bed with what we thought was yet another case of strep throat, which it isn't so we are waiting for the cultures to come back and cross our fingers it isn't mono again. (We should have gone to some place other than Walgreens for the test.)

Then it was time to undeck the halls. I usually wait to the day of Epiphany but who wants to mess with the disassembling of all those decorations after a day at work? Not me! So I undecked today; the fireplace mantel--no more garnish of pine garland, holly springs, pine cones and gold swirlies. No more stockings embellishing the fireplace accessories. No more lighted pine garland capping the crown molding of the kitchen cabinets. Good-bye pine garland swirling on the post downstairs. Toot-a-loo gold glittery snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. Gone are the Christmas trees adorned with ornaments that trigger warm and fond memories. So long Santa figurines.

The two weeks of no school and work has been sweet. We feasted on fabulous foods. Watched enough Redboxes to support Hollywood. I even talked the whole darn family into playing non-stop rounds of Racko. (I bet King Ralph wishes he wouldn't have got me the game for Christmas now.) Relaxing, chillaxing, vegging...those days and late nights must end now.

Oh Christmas parting ways is such sweet sorrow...but we will meet again...sooner than we think.


Lin said...

I LOVE Racko! Wow, that's a great ending to a wonderful Christmas season, Jodi. I always dread taking down the loveliness, packing it away for another holiday. I hate saying goodbye to all the snowmen and Santas. :( Well, back to work, I'm afraid. I hope your great memories of Christmas 2009 will keep you warm on the playground.

JODI said...

Lin- Do you have a new or old Racko game? The new one I got has social studies facts on each card. It's a math and social studies game all wrapped up in one. I double love it!

According to the STL weatherman recess might be indoors all week. That, after a long break will be like being banished to hell. So out the window goes my two weeks of heaven.

I'm going to be dragging tomorrow. Going to bed at a regular time doesn't seem to happening for me. Uhg!

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