Friday, December 04, 2009

FRIDAY! Amen!!

My TGIF started with an ugh! because I had to drag my warm self into the cold 23* outside world in order to get M to school for a DECA before-school-starts-meeting. I know I have stated before but I'll state it again, I HATE DRIVING TO SCHOOL! The bus is why I pay taxes.

Then I progressed into the double ugh of TGIF. Why can't kids wear a pair of socks? My kids always seem to have two different socks on, which leaves me with the other two different socks that match the ones on the kids feet. By the time I found a matching pair I realized I could no longer wear the shoes I intended, so I was stuck wearing boots. When I wake in the morning I can sense what kind of shoes my feet feel like dragging my body around on all day--and it didn't say boots today. It was reading black Sketchers.

Let's go for triple ugh. We have lived in our house for 17 years. For 17 years one of my closest doors doesn't open. So when my mound of shoes decides to spread to the other side of abyss I have to eject the whole sea of shoes from the darkness. Which causes me to get off schedule. And get crabby. Which means I have to call King Ralph as I drive to work to tell him the next home improvement is new closest doors or I am taking an ax the exsisting ones. I think in that moment I was not kidding.

Let's go for the quad ugh. Tomorrow will be a week since I fell to the ground face first. I only told a few co-workers the story of my stupidity and managed my make-up to cover the mark of said stupidity very well. However today I had to tell my story at least 10 times as I heard "do you know you have a bruise on your cheek?" Either my make-up failed or the olive green blouse I wore under the florescent lights highlighted the yellowish tint my bruise now shows. (the only good in all this I got the grass stain out of my favorite white t-shirt). The tender touch to the cheek bone has almost subsided as well. I still can't figure out how or why I fell?

For every uhg there is an aaaaahhhh. Driving the girls to school means I got to listen to the Josh Grobin Christmas CD which plays one of my favorite songs, "Thankful", one extra time this morning; allowing me to remember how pretty D and the Limelight [choir] sounded Monday singing the song at their Christmas concert. Wearing my boots made putting on my Slipper Genie that much more sweet when I got home. Telling the story of me falling on my face got a few chuckles so some how my stupdity added humor to a crazy Friday.

So what's left...making the long list of Saturday chores.


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