Sunday, August 31, 2008

Campcation Cut Short

If it wasn't bad enough that our last minute choice to go camping and floating on the Meramec River wasn't disorganized enough (we won't talk about how I forgot to pack pots for cooking, bug spray, charcoal or pillows for King Ralph and I) it suddenly came to screeching halt at 530am today.

I guess when our child returns for her first weekend home from college in a lethargic state we should have heeded the warning sign as to what could come. Or when she woke on Saturday morning saying her throat hurt a little; we shouldn't have brushed it off with the statement "you must have drainage". Maybe when she got a fever midday and I was feeding the Princess ibuprofen like M&M candies, the sirens should have blared, to me, to pack up and leave right then.

So this morning at 530am when an 18 year old Princess A stood at the foot of my camper bed crying saying how sick she felt, didn't sleep all night and how terrible her throat hurt I knew this was something more. I tried really hard to find an urgent care center in the area where we were camping that our insurance accepted. Not because I wanted to continue camping or even go floating but, because I wanted the fasted medical care I could get for my sick Princess.

Who would think this river town has nothing my insurance company can offer. No urgent care centers closer than 75 miles. No Walgreens with a nurse who does rapid strep tests. Or even a doctor willing to make camper calls. So we packed fast and made a b-line for our doctor's office before the Sunday hours ended.

All the doctor had to do was look at that swollen, tonsils-meeting-in-the-middle, flaming red, purple, black and blue, bloody, puss throat and know what was wrong.


Actually I was worried it could be mono so, a positive strep culture was a welcomed relief.

And although the owner of the campground and float company is the biggest penis along the Meramec River I managed to convince him that rain checking our float trip to October 2008 wasn't in the least bit sensible. I got it extended to June 8, 2008. It was almost obvious this man has never fathered a child or is just plain heartless.

I think both.

I am so glad that she is home for me to take care of and not lying around in her dorm room alone feeling like poo. Now I'll just pray that my Princess who is now having a sickcation is well enough to return to college tomorrow.

Here's to the speed of antibiotics.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Zipping the Lip

Have you ever experienced something that you would like to tell everyone but you know you can't because it could, would comprise everything that personifies the word "safe". Well we did and all I am going to say is everyone reacted in just the way they should have. Somehow, the parent in me still has bit of uncertainty. I really am proud of my child. Courage is probably one of the greatest characteristics one can possess. Still...I guess...this is when you just hope, as a parent, your prayers are heard as you send your children out the door.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vote 2008

A few weekends ago when we all sat around discussing the presidental election it was suggested by someone that if you are voting for Obama to look carefully at who his running mate is. We all shook our heads knowing just the point that was being made.

Exactly what we all said was our fear for a "President" Obama was the headline on the morning news. Assassination threats. Plot. Whatever we want to call it.

Although I won't be casting my vote for Obama, I truly fear for the safety of not only him but his young family. Then I wonder where does this fear put America in the realm of safety?

Since I am a realist and knowing how most Americans think-- changing parties in control means a turn-a-round, an invigorated patriotism, an end to the Middle East other words I think Americans will have to get use to this type of regular headline on the news.

I think I am sticking with my write in candidate--Paris Hilton.
God Bless America!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ramen Noodles By the Case

Oh yes, Ramen Noodles by the case--the way of a college student.

Princess A is officially settled at Southeast Missouri State University in Towers East.

I am so exhausted as we chose early bird registration to beat the rush of the freshman crowd and the mile long line of cars waiting to unload those cases of Ramen Noodles. Let me just say I am so glad we chose the early bird route. We had a slue of Greeks to carry, our packed to the gill, carload of necessaries ( I say with a hint of playful sarcasm because I am not sure a lime green throw pillow with marabou is a necessity) to the eighth floor. The thing about getting Greek muscles at 730am is, they are not whipped by the heat or the constant lifting of refrigerators and TV's. We spent the whole day with Princess A getting her dorm room set up, shopping (for Ramen Noodles), having a lunch date at the Olive Garden...

So instead of jabbering on about nonsense (like how I was mistakenly mistook for the college student, kidding) lets just let the pictures speak for me. Introducing the dorm room of Princess A and Samantha.
Room Mates

Living La Vida Lofta

Where a Princess studies to keep her scholarship Where a Princess brushes her teeth and washes up

The parents didn't cry when they left their baby to spread her wings and fly

Good luck Alee-Oop remember, to call on Sundays...if for nothing else but to ask for money. XOXO!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Simply Titled, August 16-19

I can see that both myself and my blog were in need of a break...good gosh I posted my Happy Birthday entry on my birthday, August 3, it never took. I posted Paris several days later, it too never took and while I was away it too began to think again. My excuse was the music room, I don't know what my blogs excuse is. Nevertheless we are both back on track. I think.

I got myself back on track with a visit to see my Grammy, lunch at the Omega and taking her to church.

Then it was off to my BFF's house in Frankfort were we sipped wine, cheered on Michael Phelps and the kids (all girls) laughed about the things girls laugh about--nothing. We burnt the mid night oil solving issues like: who should we all vote for for president, what kind of bagels to eat for breakfast and what foods to pack for the dunes.

Sunday the Avery's, the Huss' and the Johnson's had the best day at the Warren Dunes.

We rode the waves,

cooked in the sun, played in the sand,

picnicked on the beach, collected black lake rocks for Princess A's vase she's taking to college, took pictures of the ten kids (that brought claps from fellow beach goers). I mean check out this fabulous pyramid.

We watched the sunset over Lake Michigan

before heading to Redamak's for burgers and fries.

We laughed and laughed and ate and ate; sang Happy 12th Birthday to "CoCo" in the parking lot and ate some more--cookie cake.

The cherry on top of a fab-tab-u-lous day!

King Ralph and I herded our gang into the car at 630am Monday and rolled back into Saint Louis just in time to get to work. I made it in to assist with the day-before-school crunch. I got home at 7pm and could have stayed longer. But I wanted to get home in time for D's regular and premeditated day-before-school melt down. Last year it was gum reinforcements, this year it was a necklace of her sister's she wanted to wear. Just know, we both lost it! Not the necklace but our yin and yang. As you can see it is the sister who owns the necklace who wore the necklace. The sister who wanted the necklace looks exhausted from worrying about not wearing a necklace all night. It is a little sad to think that this year's first day of school photo only has two of three sisters. Someone grew up when I wasn't looking.

Let's see M had band practice and has math homework. D is never tired of telling us her locker is next to the girl who picks and eats her scabs. Princess A is off absorbing all the last minute moments she can with friends before her ship off day.

In case you are all wondering I too survived the first day of school. Only one kid looked like he wanted to cry; I assured him we are all friendly and he is in a good place. Being the new kid is a hard thing. I survived my final duty of the day without the help of any of my assigned partners (some people can't read a schedule) and I made it out the school doors at 530pm.

One day down, one hundred eighty seven to go.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad

True I am a registered Republician and, I have suffered from electile disfunction since the start of the 2008 Presidential campaign began. Finally in a most obscure way I have found my write in candidate. Who would have thought, Paris Hilton. Gotta Lov'it!

To Do List


* Take out trash, check
* Do laundry, in check progress
* Go school clothes and shoe shopping, check
* Eat Auntie Ann's pretzels for dinner because I believe in healthy, balanced nutrition, check
*write an email to bosses stating how I really feel, check
* get gratifying responses, one check
*pack bag for a quick trip to Chicago and the Indiana Dunes so I can find my mind and acquire a little yin and yang, check

I'll be back soon friends. I just need a break to pump me up for the big holiday-- "back to school". Seeing my Grammy and my BFF is just what the doctor ordered!

Room 420

Somewhere between a bottle of unearthed menopause pills, a very large pink bra and sheet music for Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (which seems slightly oxymoron, considering) --I've been holed up in a room otherwise known as "the music room".

After putting thirty-five hours, yes I said 3-5 hours, into moving, pitching, organizing, pitching more, organizing, filing, archiving, pitching, pitching and pitching... I finally relinquished myself from the very thing that was; either constipating me or driving me to drink.

I requested my name badge to be engraved with the name "Neicy Nash", as it seems more fitting since I agreed (obviously at a moment of either weakness or complete oblivion) to whip a certain music teacher's classroom clutter into Clean House heaven. Today when I got to the point where what I was thinking in my mind came out like a twisted pretzel with strands of drool dripping out of the corner of my mouth --I knew it was time to stop. And, not just stop but, walk away telling myself job well done.

Now I am not sure what the remaining and final tasks outcome will be--I left a canvas similar to a paint-by-numbers art creation as a guide. All I know for certain is one of us is most certainly going to her collection of classic rock tunes to sing-- Free Bird.

I wonder who feels more Free Bird-ish me or the music teacher?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Possible Titles

A. Do we have to admit we are all related

B. Watch out Christopher Alee is gonna open a can of whoop ass on you now that she is eighteen and her sisters are going to join

C. There's a lot of hair in this pool, and we aren't talking about on the heads

D. Let's flip a coin to see what team has to take Auntie Jodi

E. Raise your hand if we gathered to celebrate your birthday

A. It's just a game Focker

B. Nice shot Focker

C. Chainsaw!

D. Next game boys vs. girl

A. Calm down or the neighbors are going to call the police

B. Is the pool bar serving yet-- pina colada please

C. There will be no splashing while the game is in progress

D. Is it time for pork steaks yet?

E. Happy Birthday to us--Summer Celebration '08

Saturday, August 09, 2008

See Me Frown

I was all excited, I had my rock hair going, and my concert clothes ready to go and then...
Please Note: This show has been rescheduled for Saturday, October 4.
So not fair! To make the whole thing worse--I will be out of town on October 4. I'm mad,m-a-d, mad!! I hope at least Princess A can come home from school that weekend to use her ticket.
Don't rock bands know they're like mothers--they aren't allowed to be sick.

Friday, August 08, 2008


As I sit here my over-sized brown leather recliner soaked in the peace my home alone state offers; enjoying the grandeur and awesome spectacle that the Olympics opening ceremony serves up-- I feel a sense of world peace. Is 08-08-08 as lucky as the Chinese profess?

Then when the Target and Visa commercials flash on the screen I'm snapped back to reality and realize the notion of world peace is merely a delusion. Out there in the world there is a war going on, soldiers sweating in the heat of the Middle East, people starving and thirsty....

However, for the next four hours I will let myself immerse in the beauty of the opening ceremony. And dream-- of world peace.