Wednesday, November 28, 2007

one more thing to add to the list

19. I am beginning to get the feeling-- the finding college monies for Princess A feeling.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just Another List

Another one of those list of things that no one really gives a crap to know, but I am making the list nonetheless.

1. Georgina decided that Mr. Hayes, our co-worker, looks like John I sang him John Denver songs all afternoon.

2. Princess A is able to drive and see the world in a whole new view. Third time really must be the charm.

3. I'd really like a Bailey's Irish Cream on the rocks...wait, with a splash of butterscotch snaps. But I have no time to partake in the spirits.

4. The movie Enchanted is delightfully enchanting.

5. This Saturday is the Cans Film Festival so the girls and I are going to donate our can goods to view August Rush. Three cans equals a free movie ticket.

6. For Christmas I want a jump rope, champion quality jump rope. Then I am going to be the coolest building assistant and join in the Jump Rope for Heart.

7. King Ralph is getting a prestigious award this evening and we are going to watch the presentation...for no other reason than we are proud of our king for being such a great Sgt. Sausage Fingers.

8. I need a hair cut so I can stop having bad hair days.

9. M told me I am a good mom.

10. I need to finish my Christmas shopping and start baking.

11. M's French teacher frustrates me!

12. Uli is lonely for her best-dog friend Penny

13. At school a little boy named me Mrs. Nice Lady.

14. M & D need a trash can for there newly remodeled bathroom.

15. I'm thinking maybe a new watch, a nice watch would be something Santa could bring too.

16. I spent $67 at the fabric store so my budding fashion designer can create fashions for her friends for Christmas gifts.

17. The sound of Princess A playing Christmas carols on her flute permeates through the house filling my soul.

18. A portable oxygen tank may be something I should look into this month...I feel a calendar suffocation coming on.

And...and I don't have anything else I want to list--at this time.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Cornucopia Runneth Over

It's just not on this day, but on all days that I am thankful for much...however on this day, Thanksgiving, I will stop to reflect on merely a few of my gratitudes.

1. Family
2. Prayers abound
3. Healing hands
4. Friends
5. Laughter
6. Love
7. Pumpkin pie with Ready Whip (even if my cousin says the pumpkin pie is just an excuse for eating whip cream from a can, I'm partaking in both)
8. Mountains to climb
9. Music that fills the house
10. A job I love
11. Parades on TV
12. A warm fall day
13. Cool fall days
...and the list goes on................

Uli says she is thankful to have her dog-friend Penny aka brown dog aka skate board dog spending a whole week with her, to run and play with all day long. To share dog kisses with all day long. But she is not thankful when she tries to take her claim to her cage...Penny has her own cage.

Here wishing all of you a day of many thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 16, 2007

All I have to say...

Is that I slept well enough in the recliner, again last night, to dream of making bologna sandwiches.


My lil' bird is wounded but will soon sore like an eagle. Even if it means soring wearing glasses fitted with a prism. Shortly--first I'll have to fight rush hour trafic on Hwy 270--we will have the answers.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Still Budging My Way to the Front of the Prayer Line

I know that I should be sleeping, that certainly is what most normal people do at 3am. Then again who said there was anything normal about me, us, yesterday or this night. It isn't even the recliner I have taken as my place of rest on this night. The recliner is pretty comfy-- as recliner sleeping goes. A place precisely placed next to a mended and healing Princess A. A position where my constant prayers laced with pretty pleases is not to far to touch a --peacefully resting--princess stretched on a comfy couch.

Mended? Not mended but fixed? It is not yet certain. Then again has it ever been...will it ever be, that truly is the question. All I can say is the doc said he wanted to "leave well enough alone for now." How long is "now"?

All I know is that my place and purpose is to be next to my sweet princess to nurse and love, to dole out pain killers and chicken noodle soup. But most of all love.

If in the end she still sees double well...well then she can look at me, see two of mom and...and know it means twice the love.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Here We Go...Again

I am up preparing to start my morning scurry...lunches to pack, maybe a load of laundry, maneuver my way around the bathroom passing through cords of curling irons, hair straighteners and...head to the surgery center--again.

Third times a charm? I hope because, because this time I feel extra nervous. I've been praying a whole lot. I envision myself in a crowded room of prays pushing my way to the front of the line past the please let me win the lottery and don't let my parents find out prayers, saying "hear ME first dear God." Sometimes there is a need to per-fect the perfect in order to help the not-so-perfect. In other words today the are operating on Princess's A's good eye. Good eye. Nervous. Yet necessary.

Oddly enough Princess A seems more at peace,maybe the reason is we gave her the choice this time if she wanted to endure yet another eye surgery. She is to the point in her life where her own maturity allows her to know what she is and is not capable of tolerating. No matter how she was created or what the out come of her two previous surgeries; she has always adapted and kept on dancing right through life. For this I am proud of her mom I still reserve the right to be nervous for her. Regardless the flaws in her being-- the little person I brought into this world is perfect in so many ways.

I have one hour more to push my way through the room of prayers to get back to the front of the line. Excuse me...excuse me...Dear God please guide the hands of those who seek to mend.....

Monday, November 12, 2007

Body Wierd

Since I was out of pumpkin pie to gobble up....

Being off school and work the decision was made we should head the STL Science Center for a viewing of Body Worlds3. (I wish you could see the look on my face--I think it is scrunched, my teeth are clinched, my eyes slightly contracting.) To put it was a whole lot of penis. Come on, what is it with the need to plasticize the penis? Right out there for all to see, it testes dangling along side--plasticized. They even had a penis displayed in a case to present the entire urinary tract. It wasn't like the female specimens gave crotch shots or the female urinary tract with vagina was in a case on display. I don't know, is this a call for equal display? Like I said, it was a whole lot of penis. I was so waiting for D make comment but, she didn't. Not once. Only I said anything--"it's a whole lot of penis."

Aside from the too much penis the whole display in equal was interesting and haunting.

So, please, make sure when life ends I go in the ground!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Saturday To Do List

1. Purchase pumpkin pie at Sam's Club
2. Eat pumpkin pie loaded with Ready Whip
3. Take a nap
4. Clean the house
5. Eat pumpkin pie loaded with Ready Whip
6. Take a nap
7. Color hair
8. Eat pumpkin pie loaded with Ready Whip
9. Eat pumpkin pie loaded with Ready Whip....

Okay someone, p-l-e-a-s-e, get over here and take the pumpkin pie and Ready Whip. Save me.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Stupendous Sunshine

After an extremely long morning of pre-surgery doctors appointments, which always seem to make me want to cry (but I did not)-- kindness and good news was welcomed with open arms.

This afternoon while performing my final duty of the work day, I got a sweet gift of McDonald's gift certificates from a mom who teaches at the high school. This mom tends to run late getting from the high school to the elementary school (which is never a deal to me at all)... I just entertain my two little friends with idol chat. Once when I suggested that there mother was late because she was stuck at a red light they let me know the real reason she was late...there mom has an important job in the math department, she has desk number four. So today when the mom gave me her gift of kindness for taking care of her kids past pick up time she singed it "AKA The Fourth Chair". Sweet that someone loves a Building Assistant.

When I got home I retrieved the mail...I handed Princess A a large envelope, inside was something she has been wondering and waiting for; an acceptance letter from Loyola University-Chicago. So now we sit and wait and wonder if choice number two's letter is not far behind. King Ralph just kept saying Loyola is far from home, over and over he repeated. I am beginning to think King Ralph wishes every one of his girls still were in diapers needing him to carry them all around. Somehow in the blink of time they have grown.

There you have it. Kindness and good news. Good day.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We Probably Should be a Reality TV Show Family

Tonight, like most Wednesdays, we were cramming for confirmation class. Each week we are to do a family exercise, "Talk Time" with D, then she records certain aspects of the conversation in her class journal.

Tonight while we all choked down hamburgers (no side dishes because as it has been noted milk was needed to make the box augratin potatoes and, I, didn't go to the store) we did the exercise gathered at the dinner table. The exercise consisted of expressing the gifts we feel God instilled in each of us. Being the mom I decided to get the ball rolling and I went first...I told King Ralph he is a gifted carpenter and our new bathroom was remodeled beautifully--that craftsmanship is his gift from God. King Ralph trying to be sweet says "I like how your mom is always happy since she started working". "Doesn't count" I said "that's not a gift". Then some wise cracking kid (M) perks up with this statement, "mom you have the gift of doing laundry". Hehehe. To which Princess A says "you sure do, I have only two pairs of underwear in my drawer". Then M-- who started this whole thing--says "well I am wearing desperates". "So am I", I said "and you don't hear me complaining besides, none of you are wearing your underwear inside out". Then King Ralph decides to join in on the pick on mom conversation and states "well I have you all beat, I'm wearing my dirtiest-cleanest-pair-of-underwear". Ppppppleassssse.

Then I decided to be nasty back (of course all in good humor)...I rose from the table and said "if you don't mind I need to replace the toilet paper in the bathrooms so when you all have to make dodo you have paper to wipe your...I wanted to say it but I didn't instead I said...butts with". I left the room and the roar of laughter could have been heard in Texas while they all said "try to say it with a straight face, you can't, say it, say dodo". Teenage girls trying to say "dodo" without laughing. What a "Talk Time" we had.

So I guess what D should write in her journal is our family has been given the gift of sarcasm. And laughter. And love.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

For the Record


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Movie Should Be Rated DWWP (don't watch with parents)

I'm am learning often of late that there are certain movies I just shouldn't sit down to watch with Princess A...say like Knocked Up. Oh brother!

I am open in conversation about sex with my girls. I actually drive them a little batty with my sudden unprompted sex ed 101 talks. But the movie Knocked Up, well that left me feeling a bit awkward. it was, the scenes of sex positions of choice during pregnant sex. I sat silent did not comment, not once. When the movie was over I said to Princess A "did you feel uncomfortable watching that movie with me?" She replied "no but I would have if I was watching it with dad." I think the dad would have got up and left the room.

Let's just hope We Are Marshall is finally available at the Blockbuster next time I go in to pick a movie.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Jump Off, Smackdown & An Open Letter to My Family

Let it be known to all that Mrs. Avery is a better jump roper than Mr. Hayes.

Today at lunch recess Mr. Hayes thought he would be funny and tried to jump rope, two people at a time--himself with a little second grader. He didn't do so well. I believe the two rope twirlers were singing the jump rope song "Texaco Texaco over the hill to Mexico"--Mr. Hayes crashed and burned at "over"; disappointing his jumping partner. So I was like move-over-Mr. Hayes-here-comes-Mrs. Avery. Now mind you I was wearing my wicked black boots with there two and half inch heels. The foot wear was not about to stop me. I did set down the megaphone but kept my walkie talkie in my hand. And...well, I rocked. Two of the second grade teachers watched with smiles on there faces as the two building assistants had there jump off. It was reminiscent of the walk off in the movie Zoolander.

I think I may have to ask Santa to bring me a top of the line jump rope for Christmas...figured out that jump roping is quite the work out.

M is having her first weekend comedown from the marching band season. She is not thinking, wondering or praying that she catches her sabor or releases her flags at the exact correct point. She is not concerned how she will look in her silver foil costume. Instead she is curled in the leather recliner nearly yelling "this is gonna be great. someone, someone has to come watch this with me!" I don't know... I don't understand... please explain to me...what is the allure in Friday Night Smackdown? I continue to be baffled at the idea that I bore a wrestling loving daughter. Tag team? Undertaker & Batista? Great Kahli & Mark Henry? What is with this stuff? Finally M has found a taker in her quest for viewing company--King Ralph. M has just announced with glee, "tomorrow Wrestlemania tickets go on sale and guess where it is going to be...Orlando". Watch out Disney, move over, Wrestlemania is coming to town.
Now for my open letter to my family.

Dear Children:
It is quite apparent as I look around the house that is was indeed Halloween this week.

What you ask gives me such an idea? Well now, let me answer that for you all. The Sherlock Holmes hat that was resting on the floor of the front foyer-- till I tossed it down the stairs-- would be a good indicator. Or how 'bout the London Fog trench coat I hung up? Could the Raggedy Ann costume strewn all around the living/dining room be yet another clue? The thing however that is the number one hint would be the never ending candy wrappers. Please take careful note to what I am about to say next...I am not your slave! Which basically means when you leave multiple suckers sticks and wrappers on the glass top of the end table--I see red! When you chose a piece of candy to eat while in the kitchen look around, you are guaranteed to find a trash can close by. A trash can holds trash. Odd I know but it was in fact invented for just that purpose.

So my lovely daughters, I do not care if you think you are princesses, you are not. We do not employ maids or have slave laborers in our home. We are self maintaining. The threat is now being issued here, for all the world to hold me to my more candy wrapper found lying loosely about and the fruits of your October 31 slogging for treats will be GONE.

Mutti xoxo