Sunday, January 29, 2017

When The Save Button Fails

Last week I started to draft a post about my political feelings. It has always been my rule to not make posts of my personal political views--regardless of how many people might share my thinking. So when twice my edits didn't save I took it as a sign to move on. 

Last Friday after work King Ralph, M and I drove to see D in her final college opera performance. After the opera we took a few her friends to get beers at a new beer house. A place that didn't scream college drunk fest. It was inviting in its industrial astetic, simple decor and butcher block picnic style tables. The plethora of beer and cider options on tap made our eyes sparkle. The pretzel chaser we ordered was large, hot and delicious! I shall return for a few brews, and a pretzel, with D before she parts way in May. (Funny side story: when I went to close out our tab my card was declined. Haha, I accidently gave my flex spending card to the bartender. Honestly, I can't see why beer isn't considered medicinal?!)

It was when my political post seemed sabotaged by the save button that I knew to reflect on what the last four years gave me, gave us, that was where my heart was meant to be! 
And we never failed to remember the flowers. Always flowers!  

In the end I was saved by the save button. Amen to that! 

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Lin said...

Ah, such beauties! I'm glad your save button didn't work...even if we share the same opinion, I'm just so tired of it all. I'd rather see your lovely family. :)