Sunday, August 21, 2016

Where Ya Been, Lady?

Myself: Jodi, you started to blog about your fantastic summer road trip and then...

Jodi: I know, I know, I kinda gave up. <sigh>

Myself: Quitter! 

Jodi: Not really. I started to blog, then had surgery. Started again, then spent nine days cleaning M's classrooms. Six of those days were spent after I put in my own eight hours at my job. You see I was completely exhausted! Totally stressed! Sharing my memories seemed like a task to great for my tired hands to tackle. Being a supportive mom is always my priority!! 

Myself: How about you tease folks with a picture and short story? 

This is Iceberg Lake. A somewhat strenuous 10 mile round trip hike. The elevation gain is only 1275 feet, but the climate changes are apparent--hot and humid to cold. One can hardly complain about chilly air when the sun is shining and the view is beyond spectacular. We trekked across the snow boarded lake to get that great view and photograph.
 The view no matter where we stood was fantastic. 

I must be honest when I say no amount of photographs can truly show off the beauty of Glacier NP. It is a place that must be captured in your mind and stored in your heart. 

Can a picture really grab the beauty of the bear grass? Nope. Everywhere you hike in the park this beautiful wild flower greets you. 

If you take your time hiking the trail and soak in the surroundings your soul with absolutely be lifted. Peace fills you! 

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