Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tasty Tuesday

My work atmosphere is odd at best. My job today was filled busy work. Waiting for me at home was meat cooking in the crock pot, waiting me to turn it into a delicious pot of rosemary beef stew.  Then Princess A got home from work and whipped out some homemade pita bread. 

The way to calming my heart and soul, sometimes, comes from a hearty meal. 

Bon appetite!  

Monday, January 19, 2015

Clear The Mind and Soul, Commune With Nature

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. 

My city has left me so conflicted of late, that an escape into nature was exactly what my soul was begging for. A day off work allowed me, us, such an indulgence. 

There is something so beautiful and peaceful about walking through a dormant winter forest. High above the bluffs, looking down, the trees naked of folliage, is nothing short of a picture of beauty. Down on the ground, looking up, the sky is clear and blue. The sun beats down feeding us with a big dose of much needed vitamin D. We soaked it up, almost in euphoria, knowing good and well Old Man Winter is still lurking around the corner. A 57* January Midwestern day is a tiny tease. We know this! 

We hiked for three hours. Stopping to frolick on the beach of the Missouri River. We sat on a piece of drift wood, looking out to the river, chatting about nothing heavy...we talked Lewis and Clark's expedition and the river's current. The trees barren, showcased their snow white bark, and it glistened under an umbrella of sunshine.  This day, for us, was about peace. 

We made our way back into Klondike State Park, where we walked the lake loop. As we stopped on the bridge, to gaze at the lake, with its white sand bank surround...we could hear the crackling of the lake's ice coat melting. It is in the serenity of nature's squeaks that you can absorb the peaceful sounds Mother Nature offers up.  And. Absorb we did! 

Bring on the crazy of a work week. We are centered! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Five minus Two Equals: Us and The Working Girl Who Lives In the Basement

M left last Saturday in a race against the forecast.  A weather pattern of--nothing! Mother Nature you like to tease! 

Tuesday I rushed home from work to pack the car, college is beckoning D. D must return before the student population is assigned to return, due to opera practice. It's like we are being cheated of five days of loving our baby (and her strew messes) while she crafts her skills and chases her dreams. 

As we cruised down the highway, Mother Nature gave her own send off...or was it a calming sign of great things to come in the second semester. 

Of course returning earlier than others means the nonexistence of cafeteria served meals.  Walmart (or "shit mart", affectionately nick named by Princess A, due to the neighboring cattle farm's wafting scent) enjoyed our added pump to the economy, as the cart filled with five days of meals.  

Then we lugged all D's stuff up three flights of stairs.  Oh, oh, wait. The joy of this early deposit to college means getting the BEST unloading spot without a wait or fight. King Ralph and I helped D reassemble the dorm room, vacuum, and tidy up her temporary home. But home and work was calling our names. We kissed our baby good-bye (me like fifty times on the cheek...kisses is multiplies last longer on the heart). Then D stood in the doorway and waved us out 
Then we peaced out. 

Till it's opera performance day. 

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Tell Me Something Thursday

It's damn cold outside. My brain is frozen and shut down. So, I've got nothing to tell, but something to show. 

My doggie helps do dishes. Does yours? 

Tuesday, January 06, 2015


While I've spent the last month running around, trying to find the right cream liqueur and prepare the perfect bourbon beef tenderloin...my friend/co-worker has been mourning the death of her son. Puts perspective on the silliness of things we worry and stress about.   

Three weeks ago after a short, yet seemingly long, and valiant, battle against cancer-while also struggling with another disease robbing his eye sight-my friend laid her 28 year old son to rest in a quiet graveside service.  Saturday night was different. Saturday was a celebration and tribute of a young man's life. A young man who dripped musical theater talent. A young man who was remembered in Broadway fashion. 

It was in that Broadway fashion, that many of his best friends and mentors eulogized him...I mean celebrated him; in song, by singing songs that said something special about him.  Like "Till Him" from The Producers.  He had always envisioned himself playing the part made famous by Nathan Lane. "Till Him" was a perfect song for a guy who was remembered as an encourage-er of others. He made those that felt lost find themselves through theater, made them a part of a tight knit "family."  So "Till Him" was nothing short of a perfect selection to convey the message 

No one ever made me feel like someone

'Til him
Life was really nothing but a glum one
'Til him 
My existence bordered on the tragic
Always timid, never took a chance
Then I felt his magic
And my heart began to dance 
I was always frightened, fraught with worry...
'Til him
I was going nowhere in a hurry
'Til him
He filled up my empty life
Filled it to the brim
There could never ever be
Another one...like him
... Thank you, Max. I sang it for you. I sang it because I'm your friend

He was a young man who, with a friend and partner in crime, started up a community theater company. The original cast of the company's first production reunited at the church on Saturday to sing the final tribute and the song "Happiness" from You're A Good Man Charlie Brown. I was driven to wells of tears in my eyes when one of the young men singing found it hard to carry on, as the song neared the last verse of the chorus. 

It was a beautiful celebration of a life once lived.  We all could only hope to be loved and missed by so many.  He was a baby who smiled ear to ear on the day he was born.  To see that picture proves he was a little man full of love for life.  It also proves to me, that while we are here on earth we should find our passions and loves, embodying that love, that zest-- and really live! The guy with the jazz hands.

He was Vince.