Monday, January 19, 2015

Clear The Mind and Soul, Commune With Nature

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. 

My city has left me so conflicted of late, that an escape into nature was exactly what my soul was begging for. A day off work allowed me, us, such an indulgence. 

There is something so beautiful and peaceful about walking through a dormant winter forest. High above the bluffs, looking down, the trees naked of folliage, is nothing short of a picture of beauty. Down on the ground, looking up, the sky is clear and blue. The sun beats down feeding us with a big dose of much needed vitamin D. We soaked it up, almost in euphoria, knowing good and well Old Man Winter is still lurking around the corner. A 57* January Midwestern day is a tiny tease. We know this! 

We hiked for three hours. Stopping to frolick on the beach of the Missouri River. We sat on a piece of drift wood, looking out to the river, chatting about nothing heavy...we talked Lewis and Clark's expedition and the river's current. The trees barren, showcased their snow white bark, and it glistened under an umbrella of sunshine.  This day, for us, was about peace. 

We made our way back into Klondike State Park, where we walked the lake loop. As we stopped on the bridge, to gaze at the lake, with its white sand bank surround...we could hear the crackling of the lake's ice coat melting. It is in the serenity of nature's squeaks that you can absorb the peaceful sounds Mother Nature offers up.  And. Absorb we did! 

Bring on the crazy of a work week. We are centered! 


Lin said...

Beautiful! Thank goodness you have a place where you can go to escape the madness. It's not just your city....the crazy is everywhere.

JODI said...

Lin, I know! It's like a spreading cancer. Is there a cure in sight? I question it daily...and I sigh.