Saturday, November 14, 2015

I Think Someone Left Some Friday the 13th Juju In the House

Early this morning as I lay on the couch watching the news, two birds suddenly flew into our glass garden doors. If it was suicide mission they failed. Then I got about my morning by starting to clean the kitchen. I spied a fly on the kitchen window, so I decided to go for the kill. With a towel in my hand I whacked at the window. I whacked the window alright! I shattered my kitchen window. With a dish towel. Eek! 
(We will discuss the new neighbor's yard later) 

I thought the fly won the fight, but as I began cleaning up glass I saw I got the pesty bastard. His little fly legs still flinching after he took a hit from the guillotine. 
But I think the fly is getting the last laugh.

Dear Santa: 
Please bring me a new window for Christmas.