Saturday, October 24, 2015

Rushing Down The Highway

Being rushed to get to Cape for a weekday concert is not a new feeling. We've been doing it for three years now. Except being rushed usually means home from work at 3:45pm, hit the road, grab a fast dinner near campus before getting the performance hall at 7pm. This Friday was home at 3:45pm, switch to passenger seat for King Ralph to drive (fast) to make it for a 5:30pm concert. If only the sun would have been shining the Fall colors would have really showcased themselves, giving a calming effect to our rush...just not the case. 
We pulled in the parking lot with eight minutes to spare. I even managed a trip to ladies room before taking my seat. 

This wasn't really a concert we had on our radar, but since we had to pick our D up for her big weekend of birthday fun we figured why not. Plus, it meant getting to see the cousins perform together. I have assigned them their own special hash tag "#therealcousinsofcape", because #capecrusaders is so generic. 
(D sure can mask that choir dress post concert) 

The University Choir sang a nice selection of "river" songs to honor the fine arts campus name "River Campus." (River Campus is a mile from the main campus and stands on the edge of the Mississippi River.) If you know me, like my family knows me, then you know American folk music is my favorite, followed by spirituals; not-on-the-radio-music. When sung by a choir I feel my soul filling. 

I wasn't able to join in the move-in day fun, so I got to see D's room for the first time on Friday. I'm so glad she didn't tidy up for me and kept it real. Then I went to use the restroom on her floor. This is what was hanging over the toilet
I then wondered--does this classify for peeing on a grave? Because if it does then I peed on the grave of Pablo. 

Saturday, for me, was about preparing for Sunday. For D it meant Six Flags Frieght Night with her gal pals and making her first purchase at the gas station at 12:01am. 

Oh Sunday! 

To be continued...

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