Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Springfield Adventure

I woke on Monday morning, started a load of bath towels in the washing machine, unloaded the dishwasher, made a cup of tea, read a few pages in my book and thought--I miss my M. I then grabbed my phone, clicked on my calendar and saw I had a wide open week. Then I set out solo on the open road. I love that my summer hall pass allows me the freedom to be so spontaneous. I also love that M is more available this summer than she has been than in the previous two summers. Last summer she had a full load of summer classes and the Cardinals and the summer before that she was in New York doing an internship. My timing was perfect because the Cardinals home stand wasn't starting till Thursday. 

I arrived at M's apartment around 2pm. We chatted about life and such, then headed to the grocery store to stock up. We had plans to grill steaks, but you know Mother Nature this summer, she's just evil. And so it rained. Again. We opted for our Tuesday dinner plan of spaghetti and salad. College kids can have great dinner conversation too: "if you could change one course in history what would it be?" I loved listening to these young adults and how they wished the world wasn't such a place filled with hate. We then gathered in the living room to finish watching the Netflix series Grace and Frankie before setting off to bed. 

M and I woke on Tuesday excited to check something off our bucket lists--Laura Ingalls Wilder's house. First, we grabbed a coffee, because every great adventure starts with a dose caffeine and a Snap Chat to the sisters and King Ralph. 
Then we headed down a highway we had never traveled before...trail blazers of sort, exploring an unknown section of our state. I loved watching the local Amish riding on the highway's shoulder in horse and buggy. One buggy was even spotted hitched at McDonald's. As my friend told me, "even [they] like french fries." When we finally arrived at our destination we were like giddy school girls. We snapped lots of photos to remember our "Field Trip Tuesday." 
(Nice hunk of gum in the mouth Jodi) 

(M runs around in the front yard of Laura and Almonzo's Rock House)

We had lunch in the picnic area across the road from the original house 

Mother Nature was in our favor so we took to the backyard of M's apartment and transformed into the 

Wednesday we woke with a plan for adventure. It was misting a bit, but that didn't stop us from walking to the corner gas station, grabbing a coffee and then strolling around the university campus. It was quiet and peaceful, void of student activity, and I hadn't been to the campus since I took D for a college visit her senior year of high school. It was nice seeing the improvements [my money] is helping to make. (Wink wink) 

(bumped into M's sorority little during our stroll)

In mid May a new outdoor restaurant, with a bike theme, opened across from the trails. It was quickly decided we would try our hand at a tandem bike. We rented the bicycle built for two. 
What a device and lesson of team work...every work force should have a tandem bike day. It was quite the work out! It had challenges along the way too, but totally fun despite.  We ate lunch el fresco on the patio of the Sequiota Bike Shop, had delicious sandwiches and sipped well deserved adult libations. 

In the evening we decided on one last escape. Last week the St Louis Post ran an article about fifteen unique attractions in Missouri.  Just happens #13 was right there in ole' Springfield, MO--World's Largest Fork.  So off we went on a scavenger hunt to find the "absolute must-visit" attraction. It was a bit of a challenge spying it, as it hides on the back side of the building, as did the address placard. M spotted it and we felt like champions! To celebrate having seen such a marvel it was off to Pineapple Whip for a refreshing summer treat.  
I woke on Thursday kissed my M goodbye and headed home, but with my heart full. Don't worry middle, I'll be back again soon! 


Lin said...

I am sooooo jealous! I wanna do all those things--especially the Laura Ingalls Wilder house/museum.

I always love to hear about your adventures. :)

JODI said...

Lin- go buy the book "The Ghost of The Little House" , we've all been duped by Laura. Regardless, I'd go back again...I love that day!