Friday, August 05, 2011

Big Fat Gypsy Vacation Takes a Beach Break

I returned from this summer's vacation feeling a bit out of shape. There is nothing I love more than getting my exercise on during a three week vacation. But like I said already, we had a week to work with, and made the best of it.

So after doing a little caving we headed to the beach. We had camped here 14 years ago, and found it had grown and improved greatly. It is a pricey place to camp. For a week of no interruption/obligation family time we didn't fret. It was worth it!
We played some Frisbee

 Wednesday morning we experienced a horribly, scary thunderstorm.  On Tuesday evening as we walked along the beach, watching little boys crabbing with their dads...watching the lightening crack down at a distance over the Gulf was an awesome sight.  Feeling the lightening crack over the camper, turning the bunk ends a glow of red and orange--CREEPY! SPOOKY! HEART STOPPING!  But By Thursday the sun was out in all day force, not small doses that you had to grab quicker than a sandwich from a gas station.

Then we had some good old fashion beach fun. We people watched. Made careful note:just because they make it in your size does not mean you should wear it. The girls got silly.
  We did a little bit of boogie boarding
We sipped a couple of bucket drinks (cause when your daughter is 21 you can do that)
We read.
D took a stab at some crabbing of her own...the crab would have none of that.
Relaxing can be dangerous if you're the only man in the family

He longs to be the Alpha male, but he is just "our Beta."

The gypsy vacation continued....


ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

The king may be nicknamed "Beta", but I see he still managed to be sitting on the throne :) Loved finally seeing the fourth beauty on the beach! You need to get out from behind the camera more often.

JODI said...

Nellie- He refers to that chair as the "command chair" lol.

Lin said...

WOW! How fun!! Wish I was there with you wacky gals. :)

They are soooo pretty!

JODI said...

Lin- I think after this week of work I will wish I was back in the sand with the wacky girls!

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