Friday, May 27, 2011


I tried M's graduation shoes on, the shoes she picked out herself. As King Ralph and I stood in her room staring at the shoes before, I, tried them on, all we could say was "these are stilts!"  You can't even begin to imagine the difficulty it took for me to try to stand in the shoes, let alone think about taking a step. King Ralph helped me keep my balance as I teetered. 

When I look back at M's last 18 years, life has really been about walking on stilts, teetering through life.  If we aren't all walking on stilts then I'd venture to say we aren't really living, navigating and trying to keep balance as we all grow--parent and child. When I take the time to allow for reflection of every little stumble, trip, and wobble in M's growing year; its has been totally worth it.

Although I couldn't, wouldn't even attempt to try to balance in the shoes M wore last night...the shoes she wears most of the time...somehow she just knows how to work'em. Keeping balance. Just as she does in life.

So I say to my M, who was once the cutest little muncher and is now a gorgeous tall young lady... keep wearing those stilts through life and work'em!

Just remember: if you trip or fall while at Missouri State University, just like when you were little, we're here to help you stand up and catch your balance again.


Lin said...

Stilts were the footwear of the night at our graduation too. I can't believe those girls could walk up and down the stage stairs in those things!!!

What a lovely young lady she has blossomed into, Jodi!!! Congratulations to you all! :)

JODI said...

Lin- I was waiting for someone to fall down the steps at M's graduation too.

Just wait, Em will want to graduate in designer stilts in a few years. They just do something for the fabric of a graduation gown.

Sandra said...

I love the slideshow you had going on!

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