Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Simply Titled: Prayers for Mom

Yesterday was a long day. My mother-in-law had brain surgery. I could have cried, let tears stream down my cheeks...but I did not. I did not because I believed, believe that our purpose is to be pillars of strength for my mother-in-law and her husband. That show of human weakness would not serve my purpose at this time. I will tell this...when King Ralph and I walked into her ICU room I stood there for a good twenty seconds questioning if I was in the correct mother-in-law looks nothing like herself. She is swollen beyond description. Her agitated cries for "help" and "my head hurts" and "get me out of here" thug at the heart. I just lifted her hand and gently kissed it and told her prayers abound.

As we left and my one sister-in-law cried hard I told her, God is good and now is time for mom to heal...and mom's husband, a gentle giant, looked at me with a small smile and shook his head yes.

So we will all gather again today. When not in our moments of quiet personal prayer we will laugh for her...because that is what see loves to make us do--laugh.


Lin said...

Oh, Jodi--I am sooo sorry that she is suffering so. I pray that she will be alright and that you all have the strength to help her through this difficult time. I'm sending prayers your way. Hugs, pally.

JODI said...

Thanks Lin prayer is what she needs. It has been a long hard week...and it hasn''t changed much...and I am exhausted. Hard as it is to see her this way I pull up those boot straps, slap on my best face and play the part of the pillar of strength.

Matthew said...

You know Jodi... I was about 12 when my Grandmother on my Mother's side passed away from throat cancer (she smoked a LOT). I can relate to, no recognition... Her throat was so bloated... she looked like a cartoon character...... not my Grandma. She died one day later... as we were "celebrating" a softball win for my Dad's team. Sometimes life is hard. I'm sooo sorry to hear about your loss.

Matthew said...

I apologize..... NOT your loss... yet! Hopefully it won't happen for a loong time... Sorry!!!!!!