Saturday, September 27, 2014

Take Your Dog To College Day

I can't even begin to say how many snap chats of puppies visiting the AXO dorm I received over the last year. So when we needed to make a campus visit to deliver necessary items to satisfy D and her new room/roommate's needs--we were talked into bringing Uli for her first college visit.
(M is home so she was on calm-the-dog duty) 

We arrived at SEMO to happy-puppy-loving squeals of sorority girls basking in the sun on the patio.  Uli was equally excited for her new found popularity.  Uli pranced up to the third floor, sniffed out the room, rolled on the beds....  D made arrangements for Uli to spend time with a "sister" while we dined out and made the quintessential Walmart run (where mutants linger).  Uli took a field trip to the town's dog park and then headed to somewhere on campus to witness the pomping of the homecoming float.  D received a picture of a napping dog. Uli was having her very own Ferris Buellers Day Off dog-style and crapped out. 

Then it was time to part ways: a girl and her doggie 

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Living In The Past

We've been living a bit in the past around our here lately.  Grabbing the feelings of yesteryear--and loving it!


About a month ago Princess A, King Ralph and I went to see Chicago and REO Speedwagon in concert.  It was a beautiful Friday night for a concert at the Verizon Wireless Theater, making the weather perfect for our vocals.  And. So. We. Sang.  All of us!  Yes that's correct King Ralph was singing to almost every REO song.  What you must understand is that in our 28 plus years together (27 of those married) the most I have heard from my man's vocal cords is "Happy Birthday."  After he gave the run down on his past REO concerts - 1974, Keil Auditorium, 1976 Super Jam at Busch Stadium and  1980 something in Palm Beach Florida (where stories of his roommate, girls and kissing added spice to the night right up there near front stage).  Then there is 2014.  The year I know I have lived another great marriage moment--hearing my hubby sing!  I can die nearly fulfilled.

When a family grows and takes everyone in different directions family vacations are harder to come by.  We've been so lucky that 1. our girls love family trips and 2. in the past years we get at least two of them with us on most trips.  So on Labor Day weekend when all five of came together it swelled our hearts. We camped at Pomme de Terre State Park.  We had never been to the "hidden gem of the Ozarks" and a gem of a lake it is!  
Saturday and Sunday were picture perfect days.  We basked in the sun on the rocky beach of the Hermitage area of the park, 
sipping Margaritaville pina colada drink powder mixed with coconut vodka.  Best on the water, in the water on a raft drink ever.

We fried bacon, scrambled eggs, flipped hot cakes laced with fresh blueberries and brewed coffee the old fashion way, in a percolator. We grilled steaks and baked potatoes of the russet and sweet varieties. We made roaring fires 
and roasted marshmallows for s'mores.  No TV. Just stories to be shared and some tunes on the stereo...and the sister's crazy lyrical dancing in the camper to King Ralph's Pandora 80's Love Song station. 

We took a short hike on Sunday...those of us with proper packed footwear.

Monday at 4am a wicked storm rolled through, we found ourselves awake a wee bit freaked at the sway of the camper.  Uli shaking in her puppy dog fur more than her usual storm fear. What do I say?  We had waited three years to all be together on a trip.  The seems was well worth it.
Love abound!

Pomme de Terre State Park - Hermitage Area Report Card

Check-In:  We arrived at 9:30pm, having paid in full on-line we just drove to our electric site (all sites are electric only).  I checked us in in the morning.  There is ice and firewood available at the check-in station, but be aware a park host drives around twice a day selling the goods from a truck.

Site 224: Our site was a gravel pad, with a fire ring, picnic table and lantern hook.  We had a nice horseshoe view of lake and bluffs.  We backed to a grassy common ground area that made for nice yard game playing space. I recommend the sites in the 200 and 400 loop that back to the lake.

Comfort Station:  Ample number of flush toilets and running hot water sinks.  Showers on the back side of the comfort station.  Clean and spacious.  The comfort station is at the entrance to the campground so be prepared for a good walk, a bike ride or like so many drive your car.  Also be prepared to use your RV bathroom A LOT.

Activities:  The lake!  The beach has been filled with fresh rock.  You can rent a boat or kayak from the marina.  Take the short 1.5 mile hike with the trail head at the comfort station.  The paved roads through the campground to the beach are great for a bike ride.

Eight Miles down Hwy 64 is the Pittsburg area of the state park with a longer hiking trail and a another beach area. This part is truly a hidden gem and I give it an...

Overall grade: A+!


Last night I offered my free babysitting services to my old co-worker and friend.  I relived my past life in 5 hours of fun.  I served, by request, nasty-but-kid-loving Lunchable pizzas for dinner with juice bags.  We made blanket forts, flipped and bounced.  We went for a walk around the neighborhood--baby in stroller, boys's bare-feet dodging acorns littered on the sidewalks.  We played board games. We had tears for attention and a poop diaper.  I was left wondering how did I do this everyday for years. Running. Chasing. Wiping noses. Wiping tears. Answering questions. Listening to stories.  Always with a warm heart and smile on my face.  How?  But, I was left remembering how much I love and miss those days of yesteryear, when my little people needed me, needed us.  Really needed us.  I smile more. Smile bigger at the memory.

Living in the past is a reward worth repeating every chance I get.

Who else misses the yesteryears?