Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Too Dam Hot in STL to Blog Much

So, since it is a blazing 100* (feels like 112*) in the shade...

I thought a little entertainment was in order. A slip back in time. A mini fashion show compliments of Princess A & Princess M (I keep forgetting I can officially call her that, and it isn't self proclaimed like you-know-who)... a throw back to the swimwear of the early 1990s. (Only I would have these beauties tucked away in the back of my summer drawer.)

 I think I must have been watching a few to many Gilligan's Island reruns on TV Land...there is the Mary Anne two piece and then the sultry Ginger suit with its french cut leg. Oooolala. Need I mention that to wear these beauties I weighed 114 pounds. Now that makes thinking of the 90s somewhat painful, sigh.

The great thing about the "Ginger" suit is, it could double as a beauty pageant suit, for the swimwear category.  (In the interview category this contestant's answer to everything would be: "world peace")

 Man-oh-man did I have fashion sense in the 90s or what!? So if you're hungry for some vintage beachwear, you know where to find me.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Just Saying...

We may be ordering Chinese food often when ... the cute little Chinese girl says to us (insert Chinese accent)-- "Ooooooo, you got differ-rent or-a-der."

I suppose we should stick with an order of chicken egg foo young from now on.  Messing with your Chinese food supplier probably isn't a good thing.

On a side note I believe word hit the squirrelhood that I was petitioning the State of Missouri for the first ever suburban squirrel hunt. Or maybe it's that squirrel guillotine contraption that the neighbor up the street created around his tree's trunk was just the threat the squirrels needed. (I must get a picture to share.)  Whatever the reason or cause....

Looky-looky. I have, finally, gerber daisy blooms.  

     This makes me pretty darn happy!