Monday, March 03, 2014

Monday's in the Bag, Bring on Tuesday!

Last week I had a few of those--"it's been a day" kind of days! with winter lingering on and on.  In the office I freeze in the morning and sweat to death in the afternoon.  Tweens fill the chairs that line my wall.  When I feel like falling to the floor...I let my mind drift to Lin's advice of having a mai tai.  The kind of cocktail that takes you from the office to tropics in a few sips.  I went directly from work to the grocery store to fill my cart with rums and juices and fruits for garnish.  Then I came home to fill the shaker and pour out the nectar of deliciousness, till I had this baby in the palm of my hand.  No drink umbrella required.  Half way into my second mai tai I was beginning to forget all the "friends" that filled my chairs.  The phrase "you go Glen Coco" was drifting away.  Dr. Lin knows exactly what to prescribe!  Prescription: repeat as needed.

Imagine the glee I felt at the constant chatter of an impending winter storm.  A chance snow day.  A chance I was crossing my fingers (toes and legs) to have happen.  I so badly wanted a quiet-interruption-free start to my week to get that feeling of being accomplished had.

Saturday the Post-Dispatch posted this weather report

Being in the "go crazy folks" section I immediately started a pot of gumbo and mixed a mai tai.  And I waited. Waited for the ice. The sleet. The snow.  But mostly for that text from work saying "snow day."  Some time between Ellen's twitter crashing photo and the Oscar presentation for costume design, that text came.  I have never wanted a snow day so badly.  My wish came true.

I left work today with that feeling of accomplishment.  A calm that every week should start with, easing into the crazy.  And so I say.

I'm ready. Bring on Tuesday!