Monday, December 31, 2007

Farwell 2007 Hello 2008

I am creating one last culinary creation with feasts 2007 leftovers--turkey tetrazzeni.

Here is how we will each say farewell to 2007--a year that had its lows but ended on the highest of highs-- and welcome in 2008:

Princess A will host a party.

Uli & I will chaperone the party.

King Ralph will drive around busting parties.

D will "lock-in" to a party.

M will party and then, maybe, for a bit, slumber.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Our friends called today...said they couldn't wait another day thank me for sending them an empty envelope. Not "us" but "me" because, everyone knows King Ralph wouldn't have the patience to address seventy-five envelopes.

That's right people, I spent thirty-seven cents to send a beautiful emerald green Christmas card--minus the card--envelope. Oh well, aren't we all allowed one Christmas blunder? If so that was mine.

I certainly hope that when they unsealed that emerald green envelope the spirit of Christmas and the joy of the season I sprinkled inside swelled the room.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Call me a Vixen, party girl, hostess extraodiaire, wish me a Merry Christmas and then put me to bed!

What a whirl wind these last five days have been!

It started on Friday afternoon in the reindeer relay where I tried my best to bring a win in for Team Vixen but unfortunately we were taken down by Team Dasher. After a transformation (which included a quick hair dye job) I gussied myself up in festive holiday attire and headed to a wonderful party. I could have stayed all night sipping from the punch bowl of sangria and eating cherry tomato-mozzarella cheese-fresh basil-black olive-on a stick appetizers-- but like any good Cinderella knows when the clock strikes it is time to go.

Saturday was a more casual party with fun cousins, great food, mudslides and trivia games.

Sunday at church for the children's program Demi sang-- well tried -- a solo through an ill voice unable to project her usual sweet harmonic soprano tone. She gets an A for effort. Alee could be heard in the back ground playing the sweet sound of a carol on her flute as the Advent wreath's fourth candle was lit. Then it was home to do some quick bathroom tidies and the family starting pouring in for phase one of DFF (dysfunctional family fun). This divorced parent thing with King Ralph's parents would make the worst married couple want to stay married for the sake of making the holidays for the children simple...pain in the ass! We feasted. Then we opened presents...I just love my gift.

(The King looks grander on the piano than it does in my arms)

Monday, with little sleep, we donned our Christmas outfits and welcomed Christmas Eve...phase two of DFF. King Ralph's mother and her side of the family filled the house for a champagne brunch...or Bloody Mary...or screw and bailey's, spiked nog brunch. We feasted more, again. Then presents flowed. Love and laughter filled our home. We all parted ways, headed to church and remembered why it is Christmas; what we are celebrating. The thing that fills my spirit with Christmas joy is Alee playing Silent Night on the flute while the sanctuary is a glow with hand held candles.

Tuesday. Sadly, since crime knows no holiday, King Ralph rose, dressed in blues, and headed out the door at 530am. I quickly exited bed, stuffed stocking and dressed the base of the tree in pretty packages with impressive bows. Then I crawled back in bed while carols lulled me back in sleep. The girls and I prepared for the King's arrival at noon--it was a long time drooling over the elegant silver and scarlet red shimmering bows but, finally a figure of blue stepped in and a chorus of girls rang out a boisterous call of... "Merry Christmas, let's open presents". Pretty papers tossed in air to reveal a handy cam, air compressor, digital camera, cell phone, perfumes, a watch, slippers, suede boots for all...but best of all a jump rope (the only thing I said I really wanted). Then in the peaceful joy of Christmas the five of us gathered around the dining room table to show thanks of another bountiful feast-- steak and shrimp -- and raised our glasses (using the G-O-O-D crystal) of asti and sparkling grape juices and toasted to a VERY BLESSED AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I hope your Christmas was filled with as much blessings,joy and happiness as we believe ours was. Now, if you don't mind I am going to bed. I am exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Time For Panic To Set In

I admit I am a bit behind on my usual holiday pace. Those hours in my day that are now consumed by employment--turns out those are valuable personal hours during this month of December.

I picked my cards up today...I had to cross the state line to guarantee all of you a card before the year 2008 rings in. I still have sugar cookies to cut and crescent cookies to bake. I did however make praline pecan crunch with the pecans my dear friend was peddling a few months back. I have my grocery list organized by isles so that should help me to shop rather well...question is what day should I prefer my heart jump started when the checker calls out the dollar amount she wants collected?

Well, I'd like to stay here and chatter nonsense but I really need to squeeze in a little reindeer relay workout.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Special Thing About This Day

It appears by the clock, that if I let my mind wander back fifteen years, that King Ralph left the hospital to pick up a Blockbuster movie while my water was being broke.

In three and a half hours my sweet and funny M, our "love child", will be fifteen years old.

I hope that she feels I remembered to kiss her and love her enough in these fifteen years to make it recognized how much she was wanted and is truly loved.

Happy Birthday Maddi-Phyl!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday or Funday

We took a usual Sunday and turned into a winter Funday!

We went sledding at the park.

Princess A & M made snow angels

The Princess turned devilish

M took the Princess ddddowwwwn with a WWE move
Since they are, after all sisters--they decided one last trip down the hill should be as the trio they are

This was a funday, on a cold afternoon, that warmed our spirits and hearts.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Perfect Day

A perfect day--waking to the tranquility of a peaceful house while gazing out the kitchen window at freshly fallen snow. Then with the help of the girls we filled the house with the aromatic scent of fresh baked cookies--my grandmother's Christmas cookies. We sang carols together. D built a snowman in the front yard. To end our "perfect" Saturday we could not resist playing in falling snow with the moon as our lantern...with a photo to remember.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am still breathing deep breaths of holiday on-set

I'm still here. I've just been busy shopping, wrapping, going to and hosting parties. I been to so many school musical functions I have my cell phone calendar set to alert me when I attend the next. If you are waiting for our usual Christmas card...well, I have not quite gotten around to that just yet. Soon. I promise. Soon. As for the baking of cookies...this weekend baking will commence.

In my abundance of free time I am in training for next Friday's Reindeer Relay. I will remain unwavering in my preparations to take the place Rudolph. I am sticking to a strict diet of oats and raw carrots, while continuing to perfect my ability to soar at a speed like no reindeer has done before. Tune in next Friday for whatever embarrassing photos may transpire by some crafty, lurking, sideline fellow co-worker.

Till then.......

Friday, December 07, 2007

A Self Holiday Reminder

Myself is telling me...Breathe, deep breaths, sing a carol and go with it all...this week will pass.

It is a week full of holiday cheer.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Yes, I Do Believe

In a world that sadly has lost its ability to celebrate the a world that now has abolished Santa's trade mark saying; Ho-Ho-Ho--because it just might offend the "ho" that walks past a world that wants to rush our youth from a the magic of believing...I say to you and mostly my third grade friends--Santa is real. Mrs. Avery does believe. No lie. And, I will say it so don't bother asking me if I will offend, because I don't really care--Merry Christmas!